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Manos Unidas 

Improving the health of farmworkers and their families. 

What RHCC Can Provide


 RHCC partners with Manos Unidas to provide health services to farmworkers in south eastern North Carolina. Manos Unidas’ mission is to improve the health of farmworkers and their families through outreach and enabling services

Who are Farmworkers?

  • Anyone who prepares, irrigates, sprays the fields/nurseries/orchards, plants, picks, sorts, packs, or transports agricultural produce/products and/or plants trees or works with Christmas trees.

  • Anyone who takes care of livestock or fish; milks cows/goats/sheep; collects eggs; other agricultural activities on a farm or ranch.

Who qualifies for this program?

  • Anyone who is currently working and/or in the last 2 years worked in farm work including migrant, seasonal, and H2A visa workers. Dependents of farm workers are eligible, as well as disabled or retired farmworkers.  


  • Health Screenings for: Diabetes, Hypertension, Immunizations, Mental Health, Vision, HIV/STDs

  • Health Education Library

  • Folic Acid Distribution

  • Referral Services

  • Dental Care Interpreter Services

  • Dental Services

  • Pesticide Safety Training

  • Worker Protection Safety Training

  • Transportation (limited)

  • Fee for Service Entry Point

Contact for Info:

Jocelyn Romina Santillán
Lead Outreach

15 Hill Plaza Suite A.

Whiteville, NC 28472


Office Phone (910) 207-6104

Phone: (910) 663-5581



RHCC’s Migrant Health Outreach Program is funded by the NC General Assembly and NC Department of Health of Human Services, Office of Rural Health and Community Care for the purpose of providing outreach and primary care services to migrant farm workers and their families.

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