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Reducing Youth Access to Tobacco 

RHCC Prevention Program goal is to address the need of the communities served by providing quality and culturally responsive services. RHCC Prevention Program strives to reach as many as we can by supporting and implementing evidenced-based programs, policies, and practices that will help reduce, delay or prevent the onset of drugs and alcohol in our communities.

​RHCC Prevention staff implements science/evidence-based curriculums in local schools and community settings. These programs work to change the balance between risk and protective factors where protective factors outweigh risk factors.

​The Prevention Program also serves as members on several different community coalitions to collaborate with community members and stakeholders to address issues that affect our community.

RHCC Prevention Program was one of the four North Carolina Prevention Resource Centers (NC CPRS). NC CPRs helped to establish a regional hub to support local system capacity building and provide substance abuse prevention technical assistance to organizations, providers, and communities. RHCC Prevention Program continues to play a vital role in the Prevention field and is guided by the Strategic Prevention Framework.

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132061 Red Flag - Check ID - Trifold PRO
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