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Stand Up, Stand Together: Save Community Health Centers Now!

Today Community Health Center advocates across the country are participating in our National Day of Action, Stand Up, Stand Together: Save Community Health Centers Now!

Together, let’s raise our voices to remind Congress why Community Health Centers (CHCs) need to be protected.

Community Health Centers provide healthcare and access to essential resources to over 12,000 communities – serving nearly 30 million patients and saving the healthcare system at least $24 billion annually.

As non-profit, locally owned small businesses, Community Health Centers already operate on small margins. Without immediate funding from Congress, CHCs may not survive beyond the pandemic to provide much needed healthcare to our communities.

We are grateful to see the inclusion of $7.6 billion of emergency funding in the House’s most recent stimulus package. But we cannot stop.

With your help, we can keep the pressure on Congress to make sure CHC emergency and long-term funding are Congressional priorities.

CHC staff have been fighting on the front lines to keep our communities safe and healthy – ensuring our patients can continue to manage their chronic conditions, continue to fill their prescriptions, and make sure basic needs are met.

Today we stand up for all of you: the nurses, the doctors, the billing specialists, the medical assistants, the facilities personnel, the case managers, the patients, the volunteers, and everyone in between that help to fulfill the health center mission.

Thank you for using your voice today to protect one of our nation’s most valuable resources.

With Gratitude,

The Grassroots Advocacy Team

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