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Lumberton Health Center Pharmacy reached a significant milestone in June 2017.

Lumberton Health Center Pharmacy reached a significant milestone in June 2017. On the 21st of June we reached $1 million dollars (yes that is $1,000,000.00) in sales for the 2016-2017 Fiscal year. This is quite an accomplishment considering we are talking 340B dollars which are drastically less than full retail prices for drugs. This milestone could not have been reached without the support of our providers at all our clinics who refer patients to us and especially the providers at the clinics that have pharmacies located in them. They have done a fantastic job supporting the pharmacy program and all of us appreciate it. It cannot go without saying the pharmacy staff at LHC, SRMCand JTP deserve praise for supporting the vision I had for the pharmacy program at its inception and have practiced it every day. This milestone is evidence that it works and I thank them and appreciate everything they do. All our efforts combine and make us all better. Special thanks go out to Rafael Garcia and Brook Locklear for all their help providing interpretation and unwavering support in the pharmacy. I predict that 1 year from now the pharmacy at SRMC will be very close to this same accomplishment. I am very pleased with all the pharmacy sites and their management and think we have only just started on a long and successful journey for the pharmacy program at RHCC.

I thank everyone who has provided support to the pharmacy program and ask for your continued support in the future.

Leslie Sanderson, Jr. Director of Pharmacy Services

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